200 bulbs

By: traceyf

Oct 23 2006

Category: Gardening


Wow what a long garden blogging break.. I can’t believe many people still checked in on me. I want to thank everyone for the compliments on my photos over the year, I am currently taking my digital photography designation and have decided to incorporate my photos with this blog.

I am afraid that with my mother fighting breast cancer, 2 deaths in the family, the IVF that forced me into bedrest due to ovarian hyperstimulation the garden has been last on the agenda. Most of the plants fended for themselves and thrived, others did not fair so well. I fear my peonys might have gotten brown spot, pouted and are not speaking to me anymore. My roses surprisingly have thrived and love their home. There were soo many tomatoes, that the neighbours were over daily picking their fill.

It seems like the entire month of October has been raining and cold. What happened to our Ontario Indian summer? Finally Saturday morning brought a break in the clouds for the morning hours and I was able to clean out the garden of unwanted plants and get everything ready for winter. Then I looked at the amount of bulbs C had purchased for me.. 200, tulips, hyacinths, alliums.. I had 2 dilemmas, 1 where was I going to plant all of these, and how badly was my back going to hurt after planting all these bulbs. I managed to dig the last hole just as the skies opened and the rain returned.

I am confused about the lavender though, if anyone has ideas on how I am to overwinter lavender, then I will gladly follow it.


5 comments on “200 bulbs”

  1. Tracey I wish for you and your mother an angel of healing to hover over you both. I am a breast cancer survivor..was diagnosed in 2004 I posted about my journey earlier in year(Mar.21) titled “Solid ground” My blogging is part of my
    healing in that I call upon my creativity which is all good “posative energies.” Now I am dealing with mother and Alzheimers so the flowers and looking at them daily is my place of respite.
    To answer your Q. re:LAVENDER grow..MUNSTEAD variety..overwinters nicely!
    I do NOTHING..do not cut down wait until SPRING then cut down to about 8 inches and shape into a nice mound…that’s it and I got 4 harvest this year!! HUGS to both you and your mom..NG šŸ™‚

  2. Tracey,

    Best to both you and your mom—I can’t even imagine going through what you must be going through.

    Like NatureGirl said, if you have Munsted, you can just leave it alone outside. If you have a different kind, such as Hidcote, you might have to dig it up, pot it up, and try to overwinter it either under lights or in a south or east facing window. I have Hidcote and am able to leave it out all winter (zone 6), though it is planted right next to my house and I think it gets a little extra warmth that way. The biggest thing about digging it up to overwinter is that you need to make sure you don’t overwater it once you bring it in. Benign neglect is the key here. It probably still won’t be happy, but at least it will be alive for you to plant out in the spring šŸ™‚

  3. I’ve missed you too. Sometimes life gets in the way and you are ‘allowed’ not to blog. My best to your mom.
    Hope you feel better too.

  4. Thank you ladies soo much.

  5. We’ve missed having an ‘Indian Summer’ here in Michigan, too. I think the last two days might have been it. Such freaky weather!

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