Foster Planting

By: traceyf

Mar 24 2007

Category: Gardening

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The tomato seedlings have been growing like wildfire.  I had planted them just prior to the decision to move was confirmed.  I mean really live in our house and know that we have always made and changed plans a million times over (I think more for the fear of change than anything else).  But this was before we saw any sort of resoloution from my work and at this point, even if agreements get signed the feelings are so hurt and anger is so high that its best to cut my losses and move to another port.  I love my job, and I love doing my job, but the environment to do my job here has just not worked for me. 

The tomatoes!  Okay so now I am in dilemma, I have offered many people my lovingly cared for seedlings, with no firm takers.  My mom can’t take ALL of them, and I was rather surprised to see so many sprout.  Maybe I am naive and many will die, but this is besides the point.  I have decided to plant one in my garden to give to the new owners.   I am caring for and growing the seedlings (as well as the peppers) for others to enjoy in their gardens this summer (and in hopes of recieving a bit of their bounty by way of jars and homemade sauces). 


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