Spring Fever!

By: traceyf

Mar 24 2007

Category: Gardening

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 I can feel the rush begin as soon as the sun hits my face and I feel warmth on my cheeks instead of the bitter cold of winter.

Today was 15 degrees and I began to itch to get my hands dirty. The snow has almost all melted, and I was able to better asses the vole damage. what appeared as a maze of a million tunnels criss crossing the lawn and a small square inch of bark missing from my tree. I knew they were there, as I was greeted at the front door by one of these little vermits a few weeks ago. I could only cross my fingers and pray for the 200 or so bulbs that I planted in the garden. Thankfully, it appears as though there was not a piled of bulbs found as it was at my neighbours house, where the voles decided to make a pantry out of their bulb collection and keep them in one place.

I began the tomato and pepper plants indoors a few weeks ago, and while the tomato plants have flourished, I am still waiting on many peppers to poke.

We have more news, we are looking at moving, so my little garden might be passed to another novice or even an expert that will see my baby flourish.


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