The Painters Pallette

 The designer came over this morning and methodically went through the house picking out colours that would increase our house value and make it marketable.  We had to laugh when the designer pulled out the paint chip from her binder for the hall walls because it was the exact colour we had picked a month earlier when we had decided to paint the house at all.  I will admit I love colour, I love painted walls, but I hate the work.  I know I should have done this after the first year of living here, but we could never agree on what to do with the walls, nor would C ever allow me to hire a painter to do the work.  Now times have changed and now that C has given the OK to set down the paint roller and hand it to a professional, we are going to sell.  Murphys Law I suppose.  The ruddy colour at the top is for the kitchen, followed by the Living room, the hall, The dark brown is for the upper portion of the powder room (Currently a rich red one of 2 rooms painted) The next is more a sage green for the office, then our room, the ensuite and the last is all the trim.  At least I know what to expect, because when we move, we are getting painters right away.


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