Winter Has Returned

By: traceyf

Apr 05 2007

Category: Gardening


Like your least favourite Aunt or in Law that has suddenly decided to stay a few more days, winter has decided to keep us in her grip for another week.  We have snow in the forecast for the next few days.. ok everyday for the next 5 days.  C predicted that the snow would not stick on the ground, according to his super unscientific calculations the ground was too warm for snow.  Au contraire mon amoureux, we awoke this morning to a fresh blanket of the white stuff.  Not quite marshmellow world, but after 5 days, who is to say. 

We are one less Vole in the garden today, that little varmit bit the big one and went for the cheese, geeze (s)he is fat.  I haven’t the strength to pull it out of the sticky trap yet.  I was feeling really sorry for killing one of natures beings, no matter how pestery, but then I noticed that it had managed to gobble up most of the roots to my phlox before heading for the cheese.   I still felt bad, I had nightmares of the little thing getting trapped and the others trying to dig it out, so C has promised to be the heavy and do the trap duty because it bothers me so much.  I know I have seen too many Disney films. 


2 comments on “Winter Has Returned”

  1. I know what you mean… when I was a kid, before I was brave enough to just pick up bugs and bring them outside, every bug I killed in the house was viewed as a potential liability. I was convinced that its friends and/or family would hunt me down and bite me as I slept at night to get their revenge!

  2. I have just come in from Garden Voices and you and I are their 1st post of today! I think that your Easter photo is so adorable! The bunny with the hand knit sweater! Too cute! I am looking at a few other posts of yours and am loving your blog!! I am from west of your city of TO. and have several friends in Alberta that we visit often!Nice to meet you!My bunnies are freezzzing! Happy Easter! :)NG

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