Everyday is Earth Day

I don’t think one day a year is sufficient to pay penance to Mother Earth, shouldn’t every day be about celebrating this our only home? Now I promised when I started writing this post not to be preachy and lose the interest of those that I really want to reach my message to but I think I am going to fail miserably. Those of us that already practice “green living” don’t need to know how fragile our ecosystems really are. Those of us that say we do and don’t,saying and doing are just a small step.  I see you all, telling me how you love mother earth and that you are concerned, talk to me about it in line at the grocery store with your meat wrapped in 3 plastic layers, veggies in plastic bags, over-packaged frozen foods, then you have all your goodies wrapped in plastic shopping bags all the while talking to me about being green.  I am no better, yesterday I committed a huge sin (thanks Envirowoman) I went to the Maple Syrup festival in Elmvale and met a great Flickr friend Rod, we were busy chatting (ok he was listening, and I was chatterbox) and before I knew it, the Maple syrup I bought was wrapped in a plastic shopping bag.  Shit.  Admission that I am in deed not perfect. 

I have links over on my sidebar for 2 of the most prominent Global warming, Mother Earth advocates. One being David Suzuki, he who critics and has been fighting the war on pollution and consumption ever since I was just a little tadpole myself. He has something called the Nature challenge, 10 steps to take for a greener lifestyle. These aren’t life shattering changes but mere tweaks to ease the pressure. The second link is to Al Gores “An Inconvenient Truth” if you haven’t had the chance to watch the movie, watch it!  Now I know your going to use these arguments, “David Suzuki’s tour bus ran on regular gas and was a consumption monster”, yes he had a gas tour bus, yes it was a gas guzzler, OK so because DS preaches to the pulpit and couldn’t get a hold of a green bus to spread the word on climate change and saving our earth its an excuse for you to drive your personal Escalade to the local Starbucks to have your nonfat extra foamy dulce de leche latte and your individually plastic packaged biscotti.  Or how Al Gore lives in a large home with lots of lights, pool etc, what they fail to note is that the home is run on renewable resources such as solar, wind power.  The message is consume what can be renewed, leave what cannot.

There are many other advocates for Mother Earth, individuals that are modifying their lifestyles to the max to save our climate.  One stands out, over at changeeverything.ca Envirowoman has freed herself from the confines of polypropylene ties and is living Plastic free in 2007! She has even given up a love affair, chugg-a-lugged, passed on the GG cookies and she stank.  She is being the consumer advocate for us all.  Congrats to her for being the “Viva La Resolution” Challenge winner! That $500.00 will come in handy to buy more fresh pizza, canvas bags, and Lush shampoo!

Small tips you can do to combat climate change:

  1. Buy local organic produce, meats
  2. Grow your own herbs, tomatoes, heck! grow ANYTHING!
  3. Buy green biodegradable soaps, use half of what the manufacture prints, cut dish tabs in half
  4. Stop contributing to the plastic bag phenom.  Buy a few BYOB cheeky fashionable bags
  5. Make your own safe cleaners For some recipes click here
  6. Change to compact fluorescent bulbs
  7. Appreciate what is left.  Take a walk, take a closer look listen for the birds crickets, see what amazing things Mother Nature does. Photograph it, you will notice it a lot more.
  8. Recycle
  9. Stop Buying over-packaged items.
  10. Walk instead of driving

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