A Weekend of Garden Work

By: traceyf

Apr 23 2007

Category: Gardening

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The weather here has been fantastic this past weekend with 25 degree sunshine and a beautiful breeze.  I was ready, itching to get my hands in the dirt and to enjoy the great weather. I managed to clean up the garden rake the lawn. Reseed and mulch. I am replacing the red mulch from last year to the natural dark this year so it compliments the house better. I put the compost on the lawn re-edged the garden and planted the side house bed, moved a hosta (I can’t find the other one yet) and the Trilium, Solomons Seal, and Jack in the Pulpit as well. I need a few more bags of mulch before I find it presentable. I was quite please with myself that all of the Peonies have returned.  More sad news on the bulb front, it would appear as though my hyacinths are a sacrifice to the hot weather gods, they have all turned brown and I am sure will not be joining us this spring.  I think I may have 2 tulips that will bloom on nice tall stems but the others I fear will be stubbies and wonder if they will bloom at all.  The lilac bush has some buds on it and I just cannot wait for them to open and reveal their sweet smell.


One comment on “A Weekend of Garden Work”

  1. WOW, what an AMAZING photo! WOW, WOW and WOW!!! 🙂

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