By: traceyf

Apr 27 2007

Category: Gardening, Photos

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This hyacinth is one of 3 that bloomed in the garden (I planted 30ish) The voles had ravaged the bud when it emerged from beneath the soil, yet it was determined to shine.  The bud has also split and the other portion appears to be at a standstill.  The whole garden is coming alive with buds and leaves.  The lavenders have new growth, leaves have begun on the rose bushes and the peonies have all cracked the soil and sit about 3 or 4 inches above.  Lilacs have budded, the spirea leaves have multiplied 10 fold in days and there is sign of the hosta I moved to the shade garden.  The poppies have exploded and I had to remind myself not to mistake them for weeds this year. Even the clematis I thought I had killed looks like it is going to entertain living this season.  This is my exciting garden time, watching as everything forces its way into the world and proof that I too can grow more than just weeds and crabgrass. 


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