Everything is alive and a buzz and if you blink, you might just miss it.

By: traceyf

May 08 2007

Category: Gardening, Photos


I have taken many photos of my tulips, however I just can’t seem to edit them and post them. I am sad to say, but I am sick of tulips.   This is the hard part of living in a colder zone and watching as blooms begin and fade long before the last snow has melted here and although I am envious and axious to get started on my own garden, I pour over and drool at the impending coloured photographs of my fellow garden bloggers to the South.  By the time my few tulips push to the surface, I am well, anticlimatic about them.  I would miss them if they left and i have photographed them, I just can’t think of posting them, even for my own enjoyment, so please forgive me, I won’t be in the tulip parade this spring.  Not out of spite, but simply because the tulips that I have poured over already have been so stunning that I can’t possibly follow the act behind.  Not unless I grab a really fantastic shot. So trust me, I have tulips, a few did survive the vole invasion.  The rest of the garden is alive and buzzing and if I blink I might just miss it. Maple leafs are poking out of the maple tree, the spirea is full of leafs and my hostas have poked through the ground.  The solomons seal I planted is slowly unfurling and my peonies already have buds and the ants are upon them like, well ants on peonies. 

We have new neighbours across from us, and she is a green gardener herself.  They have contantly complimented me on my garden (gosh blush, way to rake my ego).  I will be dontaing a shrub or two to her new garden (so I can selfishly make room for my new rosebush)


3 comments on “Everything is alive and a buzz and if you blink, you might just miss it.”

  1. Nice to have good gardeners as neighbors..lucky you! I am still enjoying the show of tulips because of our LATE Spring…everything is blossoming so quickly!! Great photos here! 🙂 NG

  2. What is the georgous plant in the photo?

  3. Your photos are amazing! WOW! 🙂

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