I can’t keep Up!!

By: traceyf

May 09 2007

Category: Gardening, Photos


There is just soo much going on in the garden lately, I am not rushing to see it all. So if in my haste I forget to post a photo I meant to, ignore the spring photos in December when I can catch up!

The tomato plants have found their pots and are sitting upon the deck. I still have to plant the last one and a couple pepper plants for good measure. 

I have some sweet peas I must get out now and hopefully they will bloom in July when the peonies peeter out. 


3 comments on “I can’t keep Up!!”

  1. Yes, yes hard to keep up the blog with all the plants blooming, photos to take, writing, as well as doing all the gardening chores. Housecleaning suffers but what the hell.

  2. yup- I say to hell with cooking & housework from May to October-only doing what I must do..as I’m far more interested in watching plants and critters..

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