Solomons Seal

By: traceyf

May 09 2007

Category: Gardening, Photos


This has to be one of if not my favourite native plant.  I made a garden just for it.  The leafs peel back to reveal a thread of delicate white buds.  To me, its more beautiful than any peony or rose.  Its simple yet complex and its lines always draw me in.  I took this photo around noon today, and by 7 the leafs had unfurled and revealed their sublime cargo. 


3 comments on “Solomons Seal”

  1. This is my moms favorite also. She has 2 different kinds. Great photo.

  2. i just purchased my 1st plant,will plant it in my hosta bed giving it some room,am excited about watching it grow.

  3. I love Solomon’s Seal, Polygonatum. For some reason I always get the name mixed up with Jacob’ Ladder. Anyway, do you know the name of the variety in the photo? We went to the local MasterGardener’s plant sale and I bought three different types. P. odoratum, P. biflora and a miniature. All quite beautiful in bloom but the person who donated P. odoratum said that despite the name it had only a very weak scent if any. 😦

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