Jack in the Pulpit

Years ago, I would have bypassed the world around me in a rush, cell phone to my ear, music loud, cigarette danging from my lips.  Left in my own world, and with me as the centre stage.  That has obviously changed, (my family I am sure is thankful).  I quit smoking Aug 4th 2005 the night Air France ran off the runway and crashed.  It was my last shift before vacation, and after that, I needed it. 

Nowadays I take great solace in taking walks and discovering all these beautiful treasures that mother nature keeps in her garden.  A long breath, the sound of the warbler cooing in the branches overhead.  The trees singing and tapping their leafs like tambourines.  The Jack in the pulpit, harder to spot than the white trillium floating atop the green carpet is for me, one of the more exciting finds.  It is on these walks that my best decisions are made and the most joy is found from my days.  My new “rush”.


3 comments on “Jack in the Pulpit”

  1. i like it it is like I was theire too…
    have fun from my short story too…

    Family of four people in a crowded restaurant are celebrating Mothers day.
    Waitress brings soda with ice and places it in front of four year old boy.
    Grandpa says, “Hey buddy, your ice is melting!”
    In few minutes boy whispers to his mother “I need to use rest room.”
    Mother goes with him.
    At the rest room he runs to the mirror and looks at his face.
    “Sunshine, you are not going to use…?” she pointed to toilet.
    “No” he says. “I just want to see how my eyes are melting.”

  2. Beautiful saturated colors. We have the same jack which I took photos of but don’t come anywhere close to the quality of yours.

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