A quieter “burst”

By: traceyf

May 27 2007

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There is nothing more annoying than forcing yourself in bed at 1800 hours to try and sleep for your 0330 hour alarm.  This gets even more annoying when you are awoken suddenly after finally managing t drift into semisleep by the sound of a 12 gauge discharged inches from your brain.  The heart attack that ensues until you can compute what just actually happened doesn’t illicit a wonderful and euphoric feeling either.  Fuck .  It was May 24 weekend and every tool there was in the county had an assortment pack of pyroglphics.  Why do these things always end up in the hands of some teenager with no concept of the world around them?  I won’t get into detail, but the “show” lasted from 2330 hours to 0230 hours” and even though the police were called, the show went on and on.  Sleep was not even an option at this point, trying to drift for an hour thinking that another cracker might send you back into tachycardia.  If you light fireworks, please be considerate of those on shifts around you.  It may be the weekend to you, but its business as usual for many of us.  Excuse me Mrs Victoria if I celebrate yoiur birthday in a quieter manner.  I know I am a week late, but hey the yahoos are still lighting their fireworks nightly. 


2 comments on “A quieter “burst””

  1. Sorry about your sleep, but your photos are simply AMAZING! WOW! 🙂

  2. We used to live in the neighborhood where the city sets off its annual July 4th fireworks. It was nice to see the show from the living room without having to deal with traffic, but the pre-show and post-show weeks were filled with asshats setting off strings of fireworks on the street even though fireworks are illegal in Maine.

    Then we bought a house and moved to a neighborhood not far from the semipro baseball field. These schmucks have four or five large fireworks shows a year although the stadium is surrounded by residential neighborhoods (with lots of kids). Can’t tell you how utterly frightful it is to suddenly hear major explosives around 9:30 at night especially when the weather is just getting to pleasant (or necessary) open-window stage. They do not notify neighborhoods when these shows are planned.

    I don’t understand the appeal of loud noises like that. But I do have some sense of how horrible it must be to live in Iraq these days.

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