Turtles, Moose, and Bears!!! OH MY!!!

By: traceyf

Jun 01 2007

Category: Westward Dreams


Hello from Thunder Bay. Let me first say Mom we are fine. The dogs are recovering and after a long night we managed to catch some real zzZz’s at our rest stop here in Tbay. We are staying the night and its off to Saskabush. Last night was well memorable. C was driving strong past SSM but by the time Wawa came round we were both fighting the sandman.The moon was full and reflected off the lake but we had to keep our eyes peeled to the dark and rocky outlines looking for any bullwinkle in the mood for a game of chicken. Too tired to safely continue We managed to find a parking spot along the highway to grab a little nap before heading onward. Well we tried to sleep that is. It was still 20 degrees and with the dogs quickly steaming the windows with their hefty pants we relented and opened a window to be eaten alive by the massive flesh eating skeeters. 2 hours later and a pint of blood donated to the local skeeter foundatiopn we were on our way again. A quick stop in White River for some tar like coffee we were good to go. The dawn had broke the moon set and the light revealed a thin fog.
I had a mouthfull of cheerios trying to spit out the word m’m’m’ooose I muster. C slams the brakes and Bryan and Kaycee were smacked with camping gear and dried foods. A massive youth bull moose was considering a chance as our hood ornament. Thankfully he danced about the shoulder and let us pass. A quick repack of the camping gear and we were off again. In less than 5 minutes a blackbear foraging on the roadside lifted his head to greet us. The turtle was crossing the road when we drove uhm over but not OVER it.
The fog lifted and then got really dense just before Tbay it was absoloutely surreal. First order was a change undies a quick tent set up and a nap was in order. Glad to be here for a much need rest and regroup. Catch yas in Sask!


3 comments on “Turtles, Moose, and Bears!!! OH MY!!!”

  1. Sounds like the wildlife has already found you !
    This afternoon I was in the garage looking for just a something and there on that shelf that Chris build was a canvas roof rack carry on I had completely forgotten that we had bought that to go to Florida , geez that would have been great to put your stuff in .. sorry Bryan & Kaycee , because you have such a ninny of a nanny you will have to be squished in the car for 20 days with all of the gear.
    Hope that you are having a good sleep in the tent.
    Lots of love and hugs .. mom

  2. Hope all is well on the road and I’m assuming your in Alberta by now. Keep us updated and and have fun.

  3. Well, I suppose what dosen’t kill you will make you stronger. LOL. I’m sure the praries will have much less wildlife on the roads to contend with, ‘cept the occassional loose cow. Be safe out there!

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