Edmonton or Bust

By: traceyf

Jun 04 2007

Category: Westward Dreams


We made it.  We rolled into Edmonton about 2 hours ago.  I have aldready taken over 203 photos that I can’t wait to share with everyone when we get back.  After we left Thunderbay my blackberries browser died and I haven’t been able to do updates since then so my apologies while I play catch up.  C and I left Thunderbay, through Kenora, Dryden, Manitoba  Where we stood at the 100th meridian before continuing and stay the night at the KOA in Indian Head.  We are old hands at setting up and taking down camp now, full service and ready to go takes less than 25 minutes.  We have perfected the camp through the years and this has comein handy as the mozzies are so horrid that Bryan and Kaycee only want to stay in the car and then immediately run to the tent the moment it is erect, in the morning they rush to the car again.  C and I are comforting eachother with buckets of ammonia and tonights evening in the Ramada bed will be a huge welcome.  

Saskatchewan was great, we might go back someday lol. We took the morning and drove down to the Corner Gas Set in Southern Sask, bought some T-shirts took some pictures and ate at Dog Rivers Cop Shop which is actually a small bake shop.  We then began the trek up to Saskatoon, which is where we had planned to camp the night before todays trip to Edmonton, but the weather was questionable so we kept going (Hopefully Janet, we can meet next time).   Saskatchewans skies were no dissapointment and had me occupied most of the time.  We headed up and camped last night at The Battlefords Provincial Park, where yes Saskatchewan has hills, and lakes.  We were eaten alive and covered in Mozzie bites, but we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Jackfish lake while sipping cocoa (in the car of course)  It seemed like we had the entire park to ourselves.  I lay awake after the dusk finally faded at 2330 and soon I saw a faint flicker of the Northern Lights, soon the sun had returned and it was completely light at 4:15 this morning. 

It seems that unless Bryan hs his head out the sunroof (pictured above) that he is fast asleep, the whole country has past him by but he seems more content just to laze around and catch some cuddles and shut eye.

Great Stuff so far this vacation:  The Western Heritage Museum, Corner Gas (Town of Rouleau), Sleeping in the cool Canadian Air, Seeing the weather for the next 5 days (The plains)

Shitty stuff so far: My skid plate is broken due to a bottoming out at construction in ThunderBay, The mozzies, Having the most beautiful landscapes mottled with oil tanks Farm fields with upwards of 5 – 10 tanks usually black, sitting on their landscape).


3 comments on “Edmonton or Bust”

  1. Oh Bryan you look so regal with your head out the roof, gazing at open fields and meadows and yep. a lot of cows ..
    No sight of Kaycee, I can only imagine her with her head towards Tracey trying to get a few cuddles or a nice lap to jump into. It was nice hearing from you guys , and sorry to hear that the only fly or should I say mosquito in the ointment is a bother.
    Bet a nice set of clean sheets and a warm shower will get you feeling like a million $ again. Chris good luck tomorrow, will be thinking about you all. Love Mom.

  2. I was very glad to hear that everyone is doing fine , including my little city boy .. Bry you have to get your paws wet honey after all you are the great mountain dog of Switzerland ( I think ) your ancestors pulled milk wagons in the mountains , Oh well Bryan if a cozy bed is what you prefer , God bless you for being wise.
    It’s freezing here in the T.O area. we might even get a frost .
    your description Tracey of the town sounds quite quaint .

    hope taht your interview went your way Chris .
    So bunches of love to all of you. Mom

  3. 4 hour interview wow .. that’s a bit tough ! anyway I am ceratin that you breezed through it , because you know your stuff . So the town is small like Ormstown , probably has a couple of Edith’s in it hehe .. Sounds nice though I like small towns , coming from one I feel that there is more soul in it unlike the city where it’s cold all year round.
    Kaycee you have been very quiet .
    Still chilly, peonies are out Tracey , rain predictited in a few hours so they will either fall apart or just bend.
    Will talk tomorrow, I will call . Love Mom

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