Kaycee we’re not in Ontario anymore

By: traceyf

Jun 06 2007

Category: Photos, Westward Dreams

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I now truely understand the phrase, “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes”.  We had cancelled our hotel reservations in Drumheller in the morning because the weather seemed to turn in our favour, but as C was inside for his 4 hour long interview, the skies got darker and darker and soon it looked like night in the middle of the afternoon.  The wind ripped through and shook the car as  drove around checking out the town we will most likely be calling home.  While I listened to the radio the announcer mentioned what wonderful weather was to come, hail, flooding and possible tornado’s.  I decided to park right across the road from the firehall where C was doing his interview and if I saw anything that is where me and the dogs were running.   I kept thinking, this is it, the skies will open now and not a drop fell.  When C finally emerged from his interview we decided that camping was out and that it was too late to venture to Drumheller, so the choice was to stay at the hotel we had booked for Red Deer a couple days earlier.  Its liveable especially on the price point and its one of the few places that allow dogs.  I just have to be able to ignore the loud oil subcontractors post drinks seeking the company of ladies that will be happy to oblige them for a user fee. 


One comment on “Kaycee we’re not in Ontario anymore”

  1. Hi sweetie :
    Hope that you don’t mind but I will call you at around 11:30 I have to take Leonie to the hospital tomorrow as Bob is out of town and she asked if I could do it … Hope that you get this note.
    Hugs and more hugs .. Mom

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