By: traceyf

Oct 10 2007

Category: Photos


Flik 1997 – 2007

AKA: Billy Dog,  The WeeMan, Mookie, and in his later years; William the dog.

Loved beyond belief, Missed beyond Words. 

We lost a member of our family today.  To many he was just a dog, but to us he was so much more.  He loved us, protected us, made us laugh and brought us together.  May his days in heaven be filled with endless parklands, swimming shores, white cats and cows, an angel to pat his head and an endless supply of marrowbones.


2 comments on “Flik”

  1. From one pack member to another, I’m truly sorry for the loss of your family member Flik.
    “Dog’s lives are too short; their only fault really.”

    Beautiful tribute.

  2. Hi, only came upon your site thru serendipititous means, but your Billy is/was priceless. Having felt such loss before, I can only tell you that you have been touched by an angel (which you already know). I wish you healing and fond memories.

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