Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.

By: traceyf

Oct 09 2010

Category: Photos

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This morning I woke up after yet another late night editing to my alarm at some foreign hour to me of 7am.  I was going to hit the off switch and roll back over into my deep coma when I awoke with a panic.  I thought I had slept in for my 9am family photoshoot.  I also am still confused as to when we are turning back the clocks this year and in my comatic state I was trying to remember which weekend this falls under.  I walked the dog, loaded the car with my gear and got ready.

Lesson 1:  When I have clients meet me downtown Edmonton on a Saturday, try to make sure its not in the area of the downtown farmers market when its running.  I arrived to my horror to see the street closed to traffic and a sea of white tents and sellers getting their wares ready.    I was going to call my clients but here is lesson 2…

Lesson 2: always make sure you have their cell phone number with you.. yeah slight issue there.  So I parked and hoped for the best, I mean my client had my cell phone number right?

So after a wait in line for my chai tea, I promptly spilled my chai foam all over myself, the table, my cell phone (which is nothing new).  I was really hoping the day would turn around when my clients got there.

Thankfully, it did.  I had a wonderful time with the N’s.  Their daughters are just precious and fun.  I must apologize though the downtown on a Saturday during the farmers market isn’t a great place to get to know your clients.  Lesson learned.  Thanks to the N’s for a quick location move.

Here is a sneak peek.


One comment on “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.”

  1. Thanks so much. I love the sneak peek. I was worried that we wouldn’t get very many good pics of the oldest little one. But I was wrong!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see more


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