She is going to Break a lot of Hearts

By: traceyf

Nov 05 2010

Category: Photos

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300


I had such a blast photographing J and W and their sweet 6 month girl Ali.  J and W THANK YOU, for being so patient while I got these done.  I had a great time photographing your family, Although I put this shot up let me say that the camera really loves you all.  A huge thanks to my partner Dave as always for sherping my gear and making Ali smile.  I owe him for all her giggles.  See Dave, even at 6 months the ladies know there is something special about you.

Thanks so much for everyones patience while I got all the galleries up and running.  Orders are flying out of the studio now at record pace.  🙂

Once the Chritmas rush is done Dave and I will begin the construction of the new studio!  If you know how fast our bathroom renovations are coming, then I expect it should be completed somewhere in 10 to 15 years lol.




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