Somethings are well worth the wait

By: traceyf

Nov 18 2010

Category: Photos


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300



How can you say no to a girl who has been waiting for this kiss for soo long.  H sent me an email last week on a whim to see if I would be willing to stay up late to capture just a few photos of her fiances return from Afghanistan.  I am not going to even pretend that I am not stacked with work to do and I REALLY hope that my clients understand me getting behind by one day while I fit H and her Fiance J in.  I turned to Dave when I received the email and he agreed, “You just can’t say no”.   We drove up from Calgary today in let me say the junkiest driving conditions I have endured in a great deal of time, what normally took us 3 hours took 6 and it seemed like we were not going to get here, we were even more concerned that J’s flight would miraculously come early and we were going to be stuck on the highway somewhere when it happened.   Thankfully we made it home in time, showered and unpacked.   H called and we trekked out to the base at midnight.  We waited for an hour and a half but to H it must have felt like an eternity.  The last 10 minutes was when you could feel all the excitement from the families who came to meet their loved ones.  H, whom I would assume is normally rather collected even let a little emotion show (don’t worry H, I will keep those ones on the down-low).   J, thanks so much for entertaining this photographer for just a few minutes after such a long journey, and most of all, thanks for coming home safe.



2 comments on “Somethings are well worth the wait”

  1. great job Tracey! You capture things in your little black magic box i would never be able to capture!

  2. I love this photo I can’t wait to see more. Sorry I didn’t call the following weekend I forgot about our move in day. Thank you again

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