Rock a Bye Baby – Edmonton Newborn Photographer

By: traceyf

Dec 11 2010

Category: newborns, Photosessions



As promised to the {C} family, their newest addition {R} is just as charming and adorable as {H} is.  And a Mom that loves Etsy just as much as I do! She already had a newborn hat ready for me to throw on {R} for his big debut! {R} was a great sport letting me photograph him.  🙂 He is so cute beyond words.  {C} family thank you again for opening up your home and welcoming me to visit your family for the day.


2 comments on “Rock a Bye Baby – Edmonton Newborn Photographer”

  1. The capture of this family is superb .. a job well done Tracey !

  2. Superb , Tracey … well done

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