{S} 14 days New

I want to share a few photos of {S} as he has been one of my most challenging and rewarding clients in a very long time.   Poor {K} was so discouraged saying that I had managed to have triplet boys drift off and sleep and she couldn’t get her little {S} to take a wink.  {K} We had a team of people working with the triplets and a great deal of patience.  {S} wanted to know what was going on at all times, even if he was completely exhausted he had to be a part of the action and show just how much he liked, or didn’t like as most of the case was.  {K} was ever patient and has fallen into the mommy role so well, lets not forget about dad {J} that has the daddy hat fit like a glove, they are both very natural and wonderful parents and people. It is a real thrill to have them as clients.  Oh and I can’t forget to thank Grandma {C} for all her help at the session too! I hope that she finds today a little cooler 😉


2 comments on “{S} 14 days New”

  1. Adorable … Baby !!!

  2. I so love these pictures …

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