Anticipation – Calgary Maternity Photographer


When I met {S} and {M} for their maternity session I was thrilled to photograph a couple soo willing to brave the snowy winter elements and do a maternity shoot both outdoors and in.  The weather was NOT on our side that day.  The wind was gusting soo much and snow was falling so rapidly I really wasn’t sure how much I would like the results.  We went off in our cars around the neighbourhood and jumped in and out to take quick shots and quickly retreat to the house for a cuppa hot cocoa and some much needed defrosting of our toes (Not to mention my lenses).  I knew the moment I met {S} and {M} that we would get along, I mean we have the same car, a VW diesel wagon.  Thank god for those seat heaters that day!  {S} and {M} are so in love and such fun together.  {M} was my ever trusty assistant, cracking smiles and joks to get {S} to relax and enjoy the camera, not to mention he has a great eye too!  I love it when my families get involved in the action and play it up for the camera.  I am happier still to hear that little {L} made a healthy early appearance and I can’t wait to meet the little man!!. Congratulations {M} and {S}.


If your looking for our January New Beginnings contest details please head back one post.


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