D & T’s babysitting service..

By: traceyf

Jan 21 2011

Category: Photos

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300

Who said a dog crate isn’t an awesome playpen? During a recent family gathering we suddenly realized that the house was too quiet, you know the moment when all parents wonder what their wonderful offspring is up to.  A naive unparent like myself would assume that the child has tuckered themselves out and found their way to bed, or that they are quietly playing with their toys in their room.  But any parent will only make this mistaken assumption once before what I assume is the same feeling that overcame us unparents when the realization hit us that almost 2 year old Luke was awefully quiet and missing from the living room action from minutes before.  A search was launched.  Where did we find this young explorer?  Inside Farleys crate happily pretending to be a jail inmate, (I am sure a game his parents are absoloutely thrilled with).  His 4 year old sister happily locking him in and telling him he was only to have bread and water and no phone call.  I am not going to lie, I was a little concerned.  I usually keep my work life from my personal life but I had only days before shown up in my uniform in a rush to get the drive overwith.  The 4 year old niece immediately latched onto my uniform asking me all sorts of prying questions about arresting people and getting them to jail (In my defence I never said we only feed bread and water and yes people get a phone call ).  I assumed she wasn’t really listening because I made a joke about allowing prisoners to bring their teddy bears into the cell with them.. Oh but an experienced parent knows that those minds are like sponges and just like an elephant they NEVER forget.  A few days later I am standing in the doorway looking at our Niece locking our nephew into the dog crate and handing him his teddy bear for the duration of his jail sentence.. This one Luke is going in your wedding slideshow…



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