Whats in a name – Edmonton Newborn Photographer

By: traceyf

Jan 26 2011

Category: Photosessions, products




Over the next few weeks I thought I would showcase a few of the many products I have to offer my clients.   I am often approached by prospective clients about purchasing digital only packages.  I know there are many photographers out and about offering these packages and I do offer digital files, but I do admit I try to discourage them.  Not because I don’t want to give them over, but because there are soo many way cooler things to do with your photos than just .97cent prints at Walmart.  First off let me give you my reasoning behind the discouragement.  I want you to be thrilled with the prints you get of your photos.  There is actually a little bit of science to printing.  Inks react differently to different paper if you look at the same photo say printed on newsprint for one extreme and in a high glass fashion magazine like vogue. It could be the same image but the quality and colour are going to be really different.  The same thing happens with photo paper, not all photo paper is created equal.  Pro photographers use pro labs not readily available to the public.  We spend time calibrating our monitors to our printers colour profile, their paper standards and we recalibrate every few days to ensure our colour is bang on.  Colour profiles can vary widely from printer to printer, if I give you a digital file and you print it at some big box store you may notice that the print is really pink especially in the skin tones, or even worse, green.

Over the next few weeks I will explain more on printing with your photographer over printing yourself but I really wanted to get to the products.  This first product I am showcasing is obviously my clients name spelled with his photos isn’t he so freakin cute?  I could print this on a regular print, or on art paper, print it to a canvas float wrap or to frame it in a really cool frame from the organic bloom!




2 comments on “Whats in a name – Edmonton Newborn Photographer”

  1. Oooooo! Love the name thing…I’d be interested in ordering one for both boys 🙂

  2. LOL Angela, I will get going on that

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